Uptown/Downtown Dress by Sew Straight and Gather

My daughter, Emmeline, turned 8 this summer.  It was a birthday she felt and took to heart.  It was time to grow up.  What was her birthday wish?  To be more mature.  You can't hear your daughter say something like that and not feel a pang in your heart and no small amount of swelling. 

So we started giving Emmeline more responsibilities and choices, some really big ones too (she has sole control of the laundry - start to finish) and there is something inside of her that is changing.  She holds her head higher, seems to be feel more at peace, and I can tell she is really proud of herself.    

I believe clothing to be a great revealer of personalities; and Emmeline, who is FUN!, has always been a huge amount of fun to dress. She loves colour and as long as it passes her 'movin' and groovin'' test....we're good to go!  But something special happened when I made the Uptown/Downtown Dress pattern by Terri, of the lovely Sew Straight and Gather.  Emmeline felt beautiful!  And all grown up.   

The dress is delightfully simple to sew; meaning it has lovely, simple lines - which are my favourite.  I whipped it up in just under an hour using the lovely Rainfall fabric from my store : l'oiseau.  How much fun is it to have a whole store of fabric in your house?!  Pretty fun.

This is really the first dress Emmeline has put on and visibly changed.  She felt lovely and grown up.  The dress is a perfect length for formal and casual wear and the lines are elegant and allow the dress to speak on its own.  

I made a little pair of shorts in turquoise and grey stripes; just in case my twirly little girl decided to make an appearance.  And it's a little bit of fun peeking out.

We're off on holidays in about an hour and Emmeline's in charge of making sure my beloved roses will be well watered while we are away.   The dress will wear through chores, through travel, and through my surprise birthday party tonight at the lovely Banff Resort.  Cue surprise face.  

My only request for this dress, dear Terri, is this: an adult version please!  I want one!