Hop to it!: by Erin Schowalter

What do you do when you have a metre of rabbit fabric and a 28-month-old daughter who's obsessed with rabbits? You decide to make as many rabbit-covered clothes as possible and hope that laundry can be carefully staggered in such a way that head-to-toe rabbit uniforms aren't possible.

First up was a tunic. I self-drafted it, but got the idea for the pocket shape from seeing pictures of the Liesl + Co. Cappuccino Dress, Figgy’s Sunki Dress, and pattern 10 from Ottobre 3/2014.

I made it after my daughter went to bed and the next morning heard excited squeals of “Mommy, mommy, MOMMY! RABBIT SHIRT!!!!!” when she found it. Definitely a win.

Next up, I made her comfy pants. These were based on the Oliver + S Playtime Leggings pattern. I wanted them to be fairly baggy, though, as her underwear can be seen through the fabric when it's stretched too far. She normally wears a size 2 or 3, so I cut a size 4 and added 2 cm to each side. I added a band of ribbing to the legs to make them really long, as she's currently in the midst of what we call the Great Lengthening; she seems to be growing out of pants as fast as I can make them. I also scooped the front waist slightly lower and added a band of ribbing and elastic to allow for an increased rise overall. These are my favourite knit pants I’ve made, and my daughter also loves them. This pattern will definitely be repeated with some of the (many!) other L’Oiseau knits now in my stash.

Finally, I slightly adapted the Cozy Winter Hat pattern from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew by turning the bear ears into bunny ears. 

Loving a meta note, I lined this hat with the rabbit fabric.

After all of that, I didn’t quite succeed in using up the metre of fabric, so I'll see where it takes me next!