Theme and Variations for baby- by Alexandra Rutherford

I kept seeing "Grow with me" pants on all my friend's babies and thought they were the greatest idea for cloth diapered babies. So when I found out I was expecting our third I was on a mission to hunt down the pattern (Maxaloons by Max and Meena ).  Fortunately that wasn't too hard. What was harder was finding cuteknit fabrics locally. The closest major chain had nothing. Time to look online. Many people in a facebook sewing group recommended l'oiseau fabrics so I took the plunge.  It was cuteness overload when my fabric arrived. The weight and quality was exactly what I was looking for. 

Baby 3.0 decided to stay put a few extra days (or 10) giving me enough time to sew up this quick pattern.

Version 1, I used the whale fabric and coordinating grey.

The next day I still hadn't had the baby so I sewed up two more versions:


The sheep are my favourite, so took a few moments to put them on the baby this morning (1 week old)


So cute and so comfortable for my little guy! These should last hopefully till he's nearly a year and then I'll break out my left-overs to sew him up the larger size which are good from (3-6 months to 3 years). Next time I think I'll be braver with the colour choices and use greater contrast for the belly and leg bands, as well as the bum circle. Overall I'm excited to have some new pants for this boy as everything else he has are handmedowns.