A short whale tale- by Sarah Murdoch

A year or so after the birth of my first son, we had a visitor bring us a stuffed whale as a thank you for allowing her to stay a few nights. Knowing that we were absolutely set on having a second child, I became enamoured with whales and started collecting whale things for that second baby, long before he (or she) was even in the picture. Even if I didn’t buy that whale thing, I made note of it wherever I was, thinking that one day I’d buy it. Fast forward to the fall of 2016 and we were blessed with the amazing news of a second baby growing happily in my tummy. I had always known the theme for his nursery would be whales so I dug out what I had collected and searched for more whale-ish things. By the time the spring arrived and his arrival was imminent, I knew that I wanted to sew a pair of harems to use for his newborn shoot. I purchased the pattern from Made by Jack’s Mum and searched the internet for the perfect whale fabric.

Funnily enough, where did I find it but right under my nose, at l’oiseau fabrics in my own city of Calgary. It was so exciting to have it arrive. I had just purchased my first serger and this would be my first ‘real’ time sewing knits. The pattern was easy and fast to put together and the sewing was fast as well. I love how they turned out, and I love how soft they are. My big little man has since grown out of them, but I still have fabric left and I think a bigger pair is in order!