Teeny Tiny Hoodie! - By Romy Yourex


When I discovered the "come blog with us" program on the L'Oiseau Fabrics website, I got excited! I'm very new to sewing - I only started a few weeks ago - and I'd been wanting to try making something for my sister's baby due to be born in October. I had been scared to try because I knew a teeny tiny sleeve would not fit over the arm of my sewing machine, so I wasn't sure how to sew the cuffs on a hoodie or pants. 

After signing up for the program I asked my sister to pick a fabric she liked, and it was ready for pick up at L'Oiseau Fabrics the very next day! She chose a puppy print done in grey and black since she loves her little French bulldog - her first baby. 


I got to work right away but felt very much out of my comfort zone and I called my mom (in the Netherlands) at midnight her time to ask about adjusting the tension as the thread kept coming out of the needle, and how to add the cuffs. Don't worry, my parents are night owls and they love calls for help from their grown daughters 😉



I managed to sew the cuffs in a circle right going around the machine's foot so I'm happy to have learned a new skill! Once I completed the hoodie I was eager to sew a pair of harem pants as well, since I now knew how to add cuffs that didn't fit over the machine's arm.

I am very happy with the finished product and can't wait for my sister to receive it. Thank you L'Oiseau fabrics for the opportunity to give this a try for free! I'm hooked on sewing now and will be a regular customer for sure 😊